Invitation from Wonderland

July 24 - August 07, 2015 / SIA Art Hall, NY

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, project group c sends you an invitation to the mysterious world of Wonderland. Everything starts when Alice falls into the magical underground world. Not knowing where she is or how she got there, her adventure begins without any explanation.

Members of project group c gathered to construct an interactive light installation with 1,170 LED lights to perceive the moral values of curiosity and courage portrayed in Alice in Wonderland. When living in a busy city as New York, New Yorkers often hope to find a getaway door to teleport away from the reality world and experience a pleasant adventure. Be courageous and speak up to escape your mundane and experience the magical world.

Cello Performance Artist
Woori Ko
Piano Performance Artist
Exhibition Art Director
Lighting Color Designer
Software Engineer
Field Producer
Camera Operator